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For sometime now, I've had a conflict of the heart. I LOVE COMICS, they were very helpful to me to help form my character as I did not have a father figure in my life. They didn't judge and they took me far, far away when life became to hectic, lonely, and uninspiring. Comics seemed to have changed over the years as expected. Not just from a technological or commercial standpoint, but more like in their overall direction. Granted new writers and artists take over for a run, and they want to leave their mark. But more often then not, it appears to be a self motivating purpose to try and reinvent the wheel. Origins have changed the very foundation of many of the characters that were dear to me without so much as an explanation as to how or why the new origin improves a character or why the previous origin needed to be "improved" upon. Comics used to touch many of us with the inspiration that we could be so much more than who and what we are. That's why many of us (myself included) would run around with towels pinned around our necks and why we would wear a t-shirt with our favorite hero's emblem on our chest. It made us want to be heroes.

Over the years I found myself cutting back on my weekly purchases of comics as I became more and more aggrivated and disappointed in the changes in the comics that were so special to me. I found myself concentrating more on following the artists who's work I admired more than following the adventures of the heroes that had inspired me in my youth. Every now and again I would see a glimmer of hope, but more often than not...would turn into a great disappointment that sadly had become more and more frequent. Many may not remember that during the 90's there were a ton of books that were X-Men related (something like 8 to 10), currently there are so many Avengers related books that you could get dizzy trying to follow the series and who is on which team. I understand that it is a business, and investors want to increase their earnings. But at what cost? To be a publisher that simply puts out a product which features either younger versions of the older characters or clones, alternate universes, etc. same old, same old? And don't even get me started on "The New 52". Both Marvel and DC have promoted their new directions as "Not Your Father's Comics".

They're right, and for those who believe that somehow the product is "more improved" or "biggie sized". Guess again. Don't get me wrong, I went out and bought the first seven issues of the new Justice League. Why? Because I am a big fan of Jim Lee's talent, and for no other reason. Neither of the big two needed to rebrand their product. The titles and characters were fine just the way they were. Now let me explain myself a little bit. "The New 52"? There's part of the problem right there, when the Crisis on Infinate Earths came out (George Perez is inhuman talent wise). I thought "What a great idea" to "kill off" some of the ridiculous amount of excess heroes, duplicates, & simply silly concepts that had been generated over the years. A spring cleaning for lack of better word, but often the first rule in comics when a character is killed off, they'll more than often come back during "sweepstakes week" (total tv referance). How about you reduce the over proliferation of redundant characters instead of having us swallow the regurgitation of recycled concepts. IF both the big two want to entertain us or increase their fan base, give us something worth our money. How is it that Marvel is still basically using the same rock solid foundation that Stan Lee, King Kirby, Ditko and so many others laid down BACK IN THE DAMN 60's!! XBOX and Playstation did not simply get an ATARI and put their logo and repackage "Pong", they moved forward and beyond what had been the norm. Where are the next generation of heroes to inspire us? The Avengers movie is simply incredible, it made me feel like a kid all over again. I wanted to run around the house wearing a red towel around my neck (my Wife wouldn't let me)! Sadly, I wish I could say that every title on the rack on "New Comic Wed's" were as inspiring as the movie. If you ever have created a character of your own making ask yourself why? Is it that you feel inspired by what you're currently reading? Or is it because you feel the need to create and continue the mythos that at one time inspired you to be more than you believe you could be and haven't felt since your were a kid? But...what do I know? I'm just giving my two cents.

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